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Beaches Near Stoupa

The beach of Stoupa is located right on the main street of the village.It is a great beach with fine golden sand and turquoise waters.There is a busy street just above, where you will find dozens of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. The beach Kalogria is a long sandy beach with clear turquoise waters. It ...

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Attractions near Stoupa

A county like Messinia, definitely needs dozens of pages, just to mention briefly,its beauty, values ​​and wealth. A paradise of mental pleasures, an incredible set of tourist destinations with special grace and a place full of opportunities for great vacations.

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History of the region

The first historical reference to the site is from Homer referred Kardamyle as one of the cities that Agamemnon would give as dowry to Achilles. In the same place in mythology, where the Niriides came to admire Pyrrhus son of Achilles passing from here on his way to Sparta to marry Hermione.

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Local products

In Stoupa, just as all over Messinia,you will find a rich traditional cuisine and many fresh local products.

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