History of the region

Pausanias while passing from the region indicated that he saw at the Castle Lefktro, a statue of Asklepios, Ino and Cassandra, Apollo’s statue, a statue of Zeus and a sanctuary of Athena with her statue. He also states that he saw statues at the island Pefno (Agios Dimitrios) allegedly birthplace of the Dioscuri.

In Byzantine times, the area was under the dominion of Mystras and later pioneered the declaration of revolution for freeing the country. Specifically, on March 21, 1821, Petrobeis Mauromichalis arrived in Kardamili with the lads, having sworn a sacred oath in Areopolis for the start of the revolution and joined forces with Kolokotronis,Mourtzinos and Maniats that were very experienced at war. They freed Kalamata on March 23 and continued the struggle for the restoration of democrasy.

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